Best iPhone Apps For 2020

Here Are The Best iPhone Apps For 2020 !

Thousands of IOS apps and games are uploaded to the App Store every day. Today, you will be able to discover the new applications and the ones we find the best iPhone apps for this year.

Microsoft Math Solver

Microsoft Math Solver app helps you solve math problems. It will also show you the steps needed to solve the problem.

Unlike most apps that allow you to examine math problems, Microsoft Math Solver also comes with a drawing board where you can jot down the math equation. There is an option to write in equations, thanks to the advanced scientific math calculator. Once identified, the app will show you the steps to get the correct answer.

Apart from that, there are a lot of features that you can explore. The application is good and important for both mathematics equations at the beginner level. This makes it one of the best iPhone apps for sure.


Grasshopper is one of the best new applications to learn to program. It allows users to learn the basics and principles of programming for free in a very entertaining and easy way.

The app is based on interactive animations that enable anyone to understand programming languages ​​simply by answering quiz questions and solving puzzles.

The app is freely available to both Android phone users on the Google Play Store and to iPhone and iPad users via the iTunes Store.


Layout app offers users classic quotes artwork. With it you can take pictures and distinguish them with wonderful artworks and personal texts according to taste. You will be able to redesign social media templates to create amazing posts on Instagram as well as Facebook cover photos and other Many. In short, the Layout app is the simplest and most powerful instant photo camera to turn your regular posts into creative stickers with just a few clicks.


This is an application with which you will keep all your sensitive and vital information in a very secure vault. This vault supports Touch ID, and with it, you will be able to store your login information, credit cards, identities, and secure notes, as well as Log in to websites without having to remember any of your passwords, align with the option to fill in credit cards and identities without writing and quickly access the most used items, and much more.

Artistic Deep Filters

There are many applications dedicated to editing photos and adding filters. Rather, this app has become popular now among everyone.

In general, this application adds a filter to your photos, but not any filter, it helps you to convert it to artistic paintings, perhaps it quotes a little from the Prisma application but it is good for those who want to amend their own pictures or natural images and add some graphic effects to them.


Although the application only launched months, it managed to attract a large number of users. Yet we will classify it as a new application that you can benefit from. Before you mock the title and goal of this application, we advise you to wait for a little. We didn’t rank it as one of thest iPhone apps for nothing.

Birdchain provides you with a set of videos and articles that you can view or read, and you will get a return for it, but not in dollars or euros, but by using cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin for example.


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