How Apps Are Developed
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How Apps Are Developed : From An Idea To Reality

How Apps Are Developed ? To go from an idea to reality, you will have to overcome many obstacles in order to offer a remarkable application, which will interest your users. Here are the essential steps to develop a high-quality app.

1) Validate your idea of ​​mobile application

Make sure that the application you want to create will meet the needs. For example, you can use Google Keyword Planner (or other keyword research techniques) to get information about the number of people searching for your idea.

If there is indeed a request, the requests made will provide you with a list of keywords useful for referencing your application. They can be placed on the landing page of your website.

2) Describe your project

Describe your application in detail. The more details your draft, the easier it will be to take the next steps.

Give as much information as possible on the various functionalities of your future application, on all technical and aesthetic aspects.

3) Eliminate the non-essential features

In the very primary version of your application, include only the essential features and leave aside anything secondary.

To do this, take a close look at the prototype of your application.  Identify all the features that can be set aside. Leave only the options with high added value.

The optional functions may be added in later updates. This will help you control the costs of developing your application.

4) Give priority to the design of the application

Do not choose a basic design in order to devote more time and resources to developing features. It would be a mistake!

Design is a valuable means of improving user experience. Remember, your app must be downloaded and used to be profitable.

5) Ask for users’ review

Once your product is online on the Google Play Store and/or the App Store, user reviews, especially during the beginning phase, will provide you with useful information to optimize your application.

You will know the improvements to make to your product. Remember to provide notifications, during use, to invite mobile users to rate and leave a comment on your application.

Bonus: tools to create a mobile application without developing


A free program that helps create an application and publish it to various official stores (Google Play, iTunes, Windows, BlackBerry). The first step is to choose the type of application that matches your field of expertise. Then program it with a few clicks until you get a simplified application.


Swiftic is one of the leading application generators on the market. Its powerful editor and its numerous functionalities make it a tool of choice. It offers an environment resembling a kit of
development, programming sessions.


The NativeScript platform gives you the opportunity to learn application programming using the Javascript language and develop a high-quality application.

These programs help beginners and specialists to create applications for smartphones, operating on “Android” or “iOS” systems, with great ease and effortlessly.


AppInstitute is a handy mobile application generator with a drag and drops editor, which can adapt to all kinds of activities.

To generate an application without developers or technical knowledge, you will inevitably find your thing among these 20 solutions. And before you start you can always choose video training from our selection of 10 mobile development training.

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