WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business : Your Way To Grow Your Business

We have often heard of WhatsApp Business, especially in recent days. So what this app is and how does it differ from the usual WhatsApp we use now? We also share the answers to all of these questions with you in this guide.

What is WhatsApp Business? How to use it?

It’s a free standalone application for small businesses and business owners. The application allows its users to interact easily with customers. For example, a small store selling products online can communicate with its customers via this app.

It provides the possibility of classification Messages received from customers and automatic responses to them.

With that app, business owners can control both their personal WhatsApp accounts and their business accounts on one device. Business owners can use both of versions of WhatsApp on the same phone.

WhatsApp Business features

A personal profile for the business

The business profile allows the user to add information about his business, including the address, category, and description of the work in addition to the e-mail address and website, which is the information that will facilitate communication with customers.

Automatic responses

The application allows the user to prepare automatic responses to respond to customers when he is not available at that time. It is also possible to write a greeting message to customers that include information about the business.

Messaging Statistics

This version of WhatsApp provides important statistics about messaging with customers and the number of messages they have received and read by the latter.

You can also label your conversations. for example, to indicate if it relates to a complaint or if a customer still has invoices pending payment. You can also archive conversations to get a clear overview of the flows. Another feature analogous to standard WhatsApp is the ability to update its status – another way for users to find out more about you.

Customer relations and sales opportunities

This app includes basic functions for professionals. For example profile grouping contact details, descriptions, and automation service for small tasks.

It’s very useful for delivering relevant information to your customers. For example, you can schedule absence messages, automatic responses to the questions most frequently asked by your customers, and ensure your presence on a popular and responsive messaging application.

Can We use WhatsApp and WhatsApp business together?

Both can be used together on the same phone, but with two different numbers. Business and commercial owners can create an account via Whatsapp Business using the fixed number or landline and will get the activation code via a voice call.

A potential web version?

Like WhatsApp, the Business version supports computer use via “WhatsApp Web”, which provides business owners with great ease of communication.”WhatsApp Web” requires a phone connection on which the application is installed at the same time.

Whatsapp Business is now available for free download for Android devices through the Google Play Store and App Store for IOS devices.

What are the businesses that can use this app?

Various businesses can actually benefit from WhatsApp Business, starting from companies that provide online services, companies that provide products, retailers, and wholesalers, in addition to professionals and workers in self-employment in various fields.

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