How To Close Apps on iPhone XR

How To Close Apps on iPhone XR

Whether you acquired the iPhone XR recently or had owned one upon its release, you need to know how to close apps on iPhone XR.

The iPhone X completely changes the way of managing to multitask because of its huge borderless screen and therefore, the absence of a physical Home button. So closing an application or forcing it to quit can be quite confusing the first few times. Today, we will show you how to do it with these methods.

Since the first iPhone, closing an application or forcing it to quit was simply quick by pressing the Home button twice and dragging the application up. The iPhone XR changes for the first time what has become a real reflex, at the risk of confusing users a little at first. So how do you close an application with the new gesture without a physical Home button? It’s not necessarily easy to find it alone.

To close one or more open applications :

  • Tap the bottom of the screen and while holding down, slide your finger to the middle. Take a random application and press and hold it until a button appears in the top left of the application.
  • You can then close an application in two ways, either by pressing the button or by dragging the application up.
  • ┬áIt is also possible to close several applications at the same time by dragging them up like on other iPhones. The disappearance of the physical Home button implies many changes in the way from one application to another. But the long-press at the bottom of the screen followed by a slide up quickly becomes a reflex on this iPhone XR.

How To Close Apps on iPhone XR :

Closing apps does not necessarily extend battery life, nor has a real impact on performance. The preloading of applications, however, accelerates their opening.

There are nevertheless cases where closing applications is desirable, especially when an application stops (it will nevertheless close on its own in most cases) or if it remains active in the background and has undesirable behavior.

Despite conventional wisdom, you really don’t need to regularly close unused apps on your iPhone; iOS is designed to efficiently manage all of your applications.

How to troubleshoot iPhone XR with applications that continue to close unexpectedly

Before you start troubleshooting software on iPhone XR, check for symptoms. If the affected apps are network-based or online apps, check and make sure your iPhone XR connection is stable. Online applications may not be able to function properly when the internet connection is unstable or persistent.

As a result, applications may fail to load or may suddenly crash. In this case, the wireless router or modem can be restarted. If your internet connection is good but iPhone XR apps are still unexpectedly closed, try eliminating system issues with these procedures.

How to close apps on iPhone XR :

Solution 1:

force wallpaper apps to close and then restart iPhone XR.

Solution 2:

Install pending app updates on the iPhone XR.

Solution 3:

install the latest iOS version available for your iPhone XR.

Solution 4:

Reset all settings on iPhone XR.

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