How To Uninstall Apps Easily
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How To Uninstall Apps Easily

Learning how to manage the applications of your Android/IOS devices is necessary. Keep reading to find out how to uninstall apps from your device very easily.

How to uninstall apps in android smartphone or tablet

Tired of getting a bunch of apps you don’t use on your smartphone? Here is how to delete the manufacturers’ and operators’ applications from your smartphone to free internal memory and gain storage space. Now is the time to clean up!

  • On your device, go to settings.
  • Select the Apps and notifications section.
  • You will now access the full list of applications saved on your smartphone. Tap the one you want to uninstall.
  • On the next screen, touch the Uninstall button.
  • As a result, your device will ask you to confirm your action. Tap Ok.

Note: This tip will show you how it is possible to simply and quickly delete an application from your Android tablet as well without going to the setting section.

1) No need to go to the Play Store app or device settings to uninstall an app from your Android smartphone or tablet.

2) From the list of applications, you just have to keep your finger pressed on the application and to drag to the trash can icon that appears at the top left of the screen. The application icon turns red.

3) It only remains to confirm the uninstall of the application. The operation will take more or less time depending on the speed of the device and the volume of data to be deleted.

There are one and a thousand ways to uninstall native apps on Android. But with the one we just presented, you are sure that you can do it with peace of mind.

How to uninstall apps on your iPhone/ iPad

  • On the Home screen, touch and hold the app you want to delete until it comes to life (the set of apps will also start moving).
  • Then press the small cross that appears in the upper left corner of the application you want to delete.
  • On the small window that appears: press Delete.
  • Finally, to restore your applications to their normal state, touch OK on an iPhone or iPad, or press the main button.

How to do it on Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10

  • Close all running applications. You will probably have to restart your computer to complete the uninstallation.
  • Click on the Start button.
  • Go to Control panel Programs and select the program to delete the app.

What about the other Mac devices?

  • Download and install MacClean on your computer> Launch MacClean and choose Cleaning Tools> choose the App Uninstaller option.
  • Choose the applications you want to uninstall, MacClean will display the details of the application> Click the Clean button> Choose Remove from the context menu to start cleaning.
  • Uninstalling apps become a familiar thing with long-term use on your Mac device, if you want to guarantee higher performance and remove unwanted apps, you can try MacClean.

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