Best News Apps For 2020
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Best News Apps For 2020

Smartphone applications have become an ideal alternative to newspapers and magazines. You can follow any news you want to through mobile phones. There are many applications that give you a very good experience on this subject. Each application can have its own feature. Today, we will discuss the best news apps one by one.

1. Flipboard : Best articles from the media

It is a feed aggregator that is fun to use. Flipboard is a special app, which allows you to browse by touch. You would browse a paper review, various content from social networks, such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google Reader.

Flipboard, the magazine, as it defines itself, is also used to consult content from the media. By clicking on an article, you are sent to the website. Flipboard also allows you to put news articles aside to read them even without a connection.

2. Feedly : best news app with the newest topics in all fields

The application allows you to view a group of the newest articles from a large group of huge sites. There is a web platform for the application also in case you want to use it directly from your browser or from your computer. There are articles and news topics in almost all fields, whether technical or otherwise, you can choose approximately 20 sources.

The application provides you with the feature to browse the sites directly, or see the newest articles in order of publication date. The application is updated per minute, according to the sources, and it is considered one of the most powerful news applications ever.

3. BBC News : one of the best news apps

All BBC pages are known globally by providing articles and news throughout the minute. Their own application is a distinguished application that comes with a distinctive interface. It is also controlled by the red color, the color assigned to the BBC platform. You can follow all the news around the world through the application, with the ability to access specific sections to see the latest news.

The BBC News application will make the whole world in your smartphone, as you have full freedom to explore local news as well related to your country only. It is indeed one of the best news apps.

4. News Republic : Best news apps with topics that interest you

When you launch the News Republic for the first time, you can choose the topics that interest you. They are as diverse as they are varied but we find in all cases the most popular, such as all the news, economy, finance, cinema, etc.

You can also choose which newspapers can be used as sources, which is a nice feature if you like one or more newspapers.

5. Google News :  the biggest source for news

The Google News app is an important source of news and considered a leader in the news apps. It is an alternative to the most popular newspapers and magazines applications on the Google Play store. Google pulls news sources from all over the world so you will most likely be able to find your favorite news sites. In addition, you can see the weather daily through it.

6. Pocket

Among the hundreds of news articles that pass before our eyes every day, there are dozens that we decide to read later before finally forgetting about them! With Pocket, save these articles so that you don’t lose the information that interests you. Pocket allows you to save for later reading any article from any application. You can save it from Facebook, Twitter, or your news application.

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