Best Apps To Earn Money

The Best Apps To Earn Money

Tired of wasting your time doing nothing at home? Well, why not take advantage of your free time to earn some money? Nowadays, there are specialized apps called “remunerative apps” where you can make a few dollars easily. They are the best apps to earn money.

On these profitable applications, you don’t necessarily need to invest large sums or have specific skills to earn money easily.

Cash Pirate: watch videos and play games to earn money

Cash Pirate is not a revolutionary application but is one of the most profitable. The principle is very simple, you just need to download and test applications.

That’s not all, Cash Pirate offers the possibility of watching advertising videos. I know it’s not exciting but it allows you to have a few more points in the prize pool. Finally, you can answer a series of surveys.

For payments, you can choose between Paypal if you want cash but also vouchers, gift cards. For Paypal transfers, you just need to have at least $ 2.5 to request a payment.


The Vova application is the best, undisputedly, for every person who is serious about earning money via mobile applications. It allows a smart system to win more than $ 1 for each friend you refer to.

It offers a profit feature that gives you jewels for every friend who installs the application and uses it and additional jewels when he buys through the application. You can withdraw directly from your account to PayPal, and you can request many great gifts from the website.

Kiko: post to earn money

This app has gained a great reputation because of the credibility and it does not give some cents as other apps, but it is an application that can be a primary reason for obtaining a large amount of money that you can actually invest.

The idea of ​​the application is that you will create your personal page similar to the Facebook page and add pictures and videos, and whenever you add new posts, your profits increase, and also positive interaction with your posts, such as commenting on them or clicking on films, contributes to increasing your profits quickly.

PointsPrizes: complete tasks to earn money

PointsPrizes is one of the best applications you can try. Here you are paid with points by completing a large number of different tasks that the app offers you, and claim your prizes (gift cards from many platforms) when your profits reach a minimum of 3000 points ($ 20 ).

The registration is extremely fast, you just need to enter your email address and validate. No confirmation email or password required. However, it is necessary to take care that the address you use is private.

Swagbucks: surveys to earn money

Swagbucks application is one of the most important applications of profit from the Internet as it contains many offers and tasks that you can complete

  • You can earn cashback
  • Withdraw profits when you reach the minimum of $ 5 for Amazon cards
  • You can withdraw profits from the application via Amazon Cards and Paypal

Google opinion rewards

Another application to earn money from the Internet is google opinion rewards. A very good application for those who wish to win Google Play cards where you can answer the surveys and in return you get Google Play cards that you can use to pay for paid applications or you can sell them for respected price.


Cointiply is one of the most popular Bitcoin profits. You can earn money by watching ads and completing various tasks and offers such as answering questions and downloading applications and completing surveys. You can withdraw your profits as soon as you reach the minimum level of 45000 coins. We can place it with the best apps to earn money for sure.

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