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WhatsApp Status : The Answer To Your Questions

Used by over a billion people daily, the WhatsApp mobile app is one of the most popular in our smartphones. It’s instant messaging that, like regular text messages and voice calls. It lets you communicate anywhere, anytime, whether you’re near or thousands of kilometers apart, simply via WhatsApp. Today we will be discussing its great feature, the WhatsApp Status.

Who are my contacts?

In the new version, you still have three tabs at the top but the one for contacts have disappeared. There is now a tab for discussions, one for the statutes and another for calls. To search for your contacts now, you must click on the symbol at the bottom right. Now you can create a new discussion and thus access your contact list.

Create a status on WhatsApp

Choose the “Status” tab

Once you choose this tab, a button to create a new status will show up at the bottom. Click on it, you can take a photo or video, but you can also choose a photo or video from your own gallery.

Once you pick the image or video that you want to share, you can personalize it with emoji, text, and drawings. Then you can leave a message if you want, and send it. Your contacts can react to your status.

This newly created status will be active for 24 hours from the time you posted. After this time, it will then be saved on your phone and you will be able to send it as a message but you will no longer be able to publish it as a status.

Direct access to the camera

When you click directly on the tab with the camera icon, it is possible to take a photo or a video. Modify it with emoji, text, and drawings. At the time of sending, you will be able to use it as a new status or simply send it to a contact or group.

Status Privacy

WhatsApp statuses are encrypted like any message on WhatsApp. As we already mentioned, these are only accessible for only 24 hours.

Who can see my status?

From the Status tab, if you click on the three dots at the top right, you can choose the Confidentiality option. This offers you several options:

  • “My contacts”.
  • “My contacts except “
  • “Only share with “

How do you see the status of others?

– Go to the WhatsApp status tab, which is the middle tab on Android devices, while you will find it on iPhone devices in the lower corner of the app.

– You will see all the updates that your friends share, and there you will notice a field of recent status that includes the ones that you have not yet seen and are surrounded by a green ring. Each status will move to the field of seen status as soon as you click on them.

– If you are watching a video, it will start playing automatically until it ends, and you can pause the play by holding the screen. In the case of an image, it will remain on the screen for several seconds, then it will move automatically to the next status. To prevent automatic transition, hold your finger on the screen.

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