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The Most Popular Social Media Apps For This Year

We are in the age of social media, as we cannot find a cell phone without apps that allow communication via the internet. We even went too far and spent most of our time in front of our phone screens. Some of us reached the point of addiction. Despite the criticisms that affect social media, the latter has many benefits and a major contribution to globalization. Here, we review a list of the best social media apps for this year.

Facebook : one of the biggest social media apps 

Let’s start with the obvious: Facebook is still the best social network with more than 471 million users worldwide. With its iPhone and Android app, you can let your friends know about your activities, share music, photos, and live videos, play games, or just check your wall.

WhatsApp : ranked one of the best social media apps for the last 5 years

The reason why Facebook acquired WhatsApp for $ 19 billion? Because this is exactly what users expect from a messaging app. Its graphics are successful, it’s free to use (even for sending messages internationally), it has a thriving user base and allows you to send text, voice messages, photos, and videos. The application is free on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

Pinterest : why is it one of the best social media apps?

With more than 250 million users, Pinterest is a place of inspiration and ideas for all projects and interests! The photos or videos are shared on a thematic board called “the boards”. Companies can also sponsor pins and attract traffic to their website through organic publications.

Google Hangouts: the best video calls 

With more than a billion users worldwide, Google Hangouts is a video conferencing and instant messaging service. It offers interesting tools, whether for private or professional use. With Hangouts, you can make a call video that can gather up to 10 people simultaneously. Accessible for free with a Google Account, the service is also available as a mobile app for iOS and Android.

YouTube : The video leader

YouTube, owned by Google, is the number 1 social network for sharing and watching videos and one of the best social media apps. Whether it’s video clips, humorous videos, corporate videos, tutorials, live videos, YouTube has brought together a community of more than a billion people since its launch in 2005.

Twitter : follow what’s happening in real-time

Specializing in sharing Tweets, short messages of up to 280 characters that can be illustrated with photos, gifs, videos, and links. Twitter claims 326 million monthly active users worldwide. The social network is now mainly used for sharing news, to follow what is happening in real-time on a subject, or even shared short statuses with its community.

Instagram : Facebook’s biggest success

Instagram is a mobile application for sharing photos and videos. The social network launched in 2010, became known in particular thanks to its filters and photo editing options that allow anyone to make their photos more attractive before sharing. Even more popular since its takeover by Facebook, Instagram has taken inspiration from a competing social network (Snapchat) to develop a feature that is now widely used by some of its 1 billion users: stories.

TikTok : the new trend

Launched in 2016, TikTok is a mobile application allowing its users to take short videos and associate music, film/sketch recordings, or sounds. The app allows, just like Snapchat and Instagram Stories to add filters and effects on videos.

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