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6 WhatsApp Features You Should Absolutely Master

WhatsApp is now of the famous apps worldwide. It offers some wide features as well as some tricks that many of you should know. In this article, we will highlight some of these tricks that you may not know.

  1. Hide your status , last login , and profile picture

You may not always want your contacts to know that you are online or that you saw their last message. Sometimes, you just want to have a little time before responding. And for reasons that are up to you, you may also not want someone to see your profile picture.

  1. Turn on WhatsApp without SIM on tablets

With this trick, you can run WhatsApp on your tablet, but you will need a phone number with a nearby calling card that you can use. Install WhatsApp on your tablet and then start the authentication process. When the authentication number is sent to the phone, you can manually enter the code and use it on the tablet to authenticate.

  1. Blocking users

Blocking users on WhatsApp is a very easy process. However, what should you do if you forget whether or not you block a specific person on WhatsApp?

Generally, many people are unaware that this app is devoted to showing all users that have been banned from the app. To access this section, you can access “Settings”, then “Account”, then “Privacy”, then enter “Ban”, the section that shows all those who can no longer send messages to you.

  1. Recover deleted messages

If you want to accidentally read a deleted message, you can recover it. To do this, you must uninstall the application, then install it again, which is the step that allows the option to restore a backup of the application’s chats. If this option is approved, deleted messages can be recovered automatically. It should be noted that this option becomes available if the backup option was previously activated.

  1. Change your WhatsApp phone number

You don’t have to be a longtime WhatsApp user to understand that each account is associated with a phone number. Each WhatsApp account has a unique phone number. But then what happens when you want to change the number? This is where you will need the “Change number” option.

If you changed your number recently and don’t want to lose your WhatsApp contacts. Follow the guide below to change the Android mobile number in Whatsapp Android App.

Go to Settings> Account> Edit number. Enter your old phone number in the top field, then your new phone number in the bottom field. Then tap Done. All of the chat history, groups, and so on will be restored to the new number.

  1. Hide the double blue mark

By going to Settings, then Account, Privacy, and Read Notifications (Settings> Account> Privacy> Read Receipts)

It is an excellent way to avoid responses like: “I know you’ve read the message.” You can also hide that you read the message in a simple way. Activate the flight mode before opening the conversation, then you can read without any notification that you have received the message. After that, close the message before closing Airplane mode again, and the message will remain unread at least in the eyes of its sender!

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