Best Apps Like Tinder
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Best Apps Like Tinder

If you are wondering if there is a better app than Tinder, you are not alone. We know how frustrating dating can be! So, we compiled  6 apps that are the best alternatives to tinder.

  • Badoo: one of the biggest dating apps like tinder

If you are really looking for love, we recommend Badoo. With nearly 400 million members, Badoo has even more users than Tinder.

Badoo works a bit like a mixture of Tinder and Happn. You can display the profiles one after the other and scroll through them by clicking on the heart, the cross, or the “favorite” on the far right (in the “Meetings” option). Or you can choose the option “In the corner” to display all the profiles of people who are close to you. You also have a “Live” option to post a live video (and boost the popularity of your profile) and a discussion box (which you only have access to when there is a mutual liking between you and another person).

  • Hater

As the name suggests, Hater is for haters. The concept is super original and at the very least unusual: when you connect, you must indicate all the things you hate (or that you like if you like them) by answering questions. Then, the app puts you in contact, according to a very specific algorithm, with people who have the same dislike as you, and who are also close to you in distance (because the app also works on geolocation). Do you hate vanilla? Well, you can chat with someone who also hates vanilla.

  • Happn

The Happn dating app works on the basis of the distance between you and the other registered singles around you, but more precisely than Tinder. In addition, it is not possible to set the mileage as is the case on Tinder.

The profiles that are displayed to you on Happn, therefore, correspond to people you have met at one time or another. Obviously, these are not just people who are going to pass by on the sidewalk in the street, it is enough for you, in reality, to stay at home to have a new profile displayed (if this person has passed through your neighborhood).

  • OkCupid

OkCupid is a dating app that looks a lot like Tinder. You do not need to authenticate with your Facebook profile to use this application, which gives great security of use.

This application uses GPS so that it can find people around you looking to meet a romantic partner. You can authenticate with your Instagram account if you want to post more photos.

  • Once

Once for both Android and iOS is another dating app that prefers quality over quantity. Where you prepare your profile and then the application every afternoon sends a potential partner to you based on your profile and interests. One of the best apps like tinder.

Leave you a whole day to think about the partner and decide if you like this person or not. If the interest is mutual, you will be connected in a chat where you will be able to get to know each other.

  • Plenty Of Fish: popular dating app and one of the famous apps like tinder

This app is one of the largest and most popular dating apps like tinder. It has more than 70 million members from all of the English speaking world. Users create a simple profile containing age, education, and profession, and then begin searching for and sending messages to potential partners. Many users continue to add small adjustments to their applications, including chat addresses and voice chat via the Internet to Premium users

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