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Selling Apps : Your Ultimate Guide

More than 200 billion mobile apps were downloaded in 2020 worldwide. The potential of the app market is huge, and it is even more so by going international. However, selling an application is not an easy task and many parameters must be taken into account before doing so. This is what we will explain in today’s article.

1- Find the right places to start selling apps

When you want to sell something outside your country, for example, the first language that comes to mind is probably English. You would therefore logically develop your app in English since it’s an international language.

There are some promising markets, like China and India. These are prime targets for selling an application for a high price with their enormous users’ numbers.

2- Do a competitive analysis for each country targeted before selling apps

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do apps similar to yours exist already in the market?
  • What are their powers and weaknesses?
  • What opportunities could you seize to establish yourself in this market?
  • Don’t hesitate to perform an analysis for each market.
  • Make sure the concept of your app is morally and socially acceptable. This is especially the case when you are targeting distant markets (such as countries in Asia or the Middle East), whose cultures may be very different from yours

3- Social media: the best platform to start selling apps

To allow the user to register for an application, it is a common trick to offer to use their Facebook or Twitter account instead of registering which might be tiring for them.

If you want to use this registration mode abroad, be sure to choose the right social networks. Facebook is by far the most popular platform in the world but, still, this is not the case in the rest of the world.

4- Offer something that is adapted to market needs

Offering an offer that meets consumer expectations is essential to find new customers. After identifying your target customers, be certain that your applications and services meet their objectives and problems.

5- Take users’ reviews into consideration

Regardless of your app activity, the app should be old enough to receive feedback from customers.

It’s about building customer loyalty. This will improve your reputation and above all, your e-reputation and will make buyers come to you without looking for them.

6- Create a visibility exchange

When selling apps, do not hesitate to create a partner page on your app to highlight the partners with whom you work. Show that you are not alone in carrying out an entire mission that requires very diverse skills, in order to reassure your buyer.

7- Find offline buyers

Your offline presence will be as important as your online presence. It allows you to diversify your sources of business and meet potential partners.

  • Attend conferences about your activity and present your skills to the Internet users with whom you are used to interacting on social networks. This can then encourage recommendations.
  • Recommend yourself by sending a short email explaining your skills and apps you are selling.
  • Do not hesitate to also ask them for the contact details of the people you could contact. In order to establish possible synergies, this is your best option.

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